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Founded 1911

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Readers Scarborough Beckett Cricket League

Open Age Temporary Loan System

Adult players may transfer on temporary loan basis in order to assist short-handed clubs. Such players shall not have made more than two appearances at a level of more than one division above the borrowing team. The ‘Adult Loan System’ shall only apply to players registered within the Readers Scarborough Beckett Cricket League . All adult loans MUST be sanctioned by the respective League Secretary in advance in order to prevent team strengthening and ensure the loan is within the ‘Spirit of Cricket’. Any player, regardless of age, involved in the loan system shall not be permitted to sign for the borrowing club in the current season without the specific permission of the loaning club and approval by the respective league.

Players are on loan for one day only, with the deadline for submissions being 11am on the day of the match. The players’ parent club will retain his/her registration. Loan players CANNOT be used in cup competitions.

Clubs can forward the names (and age) of any surplus players, who are available and willing to be part of the loan system, to the respective league secretary at the earliest opportunity. The onus is on clubs to provide this information – the league will not chase clubs.

The list of surplus players, available for loan will be published on the respective league website. Links to the lists will be made available on social media outlets.

The lists will be constantly updated during the week, with a final update by 9am on a Saturday morning.

Clubs are to liaise with each other and organise the loan. The league will not be part of any discussions until an agreement is reached between the clubs. Following the agreement with the parent club, the borrowing club will contact the respective league. The league will then confirm if the loan is acceptable and within the spirit of cricket. Clubs using loaned players are asked to ensure the opposing captain is aware of the intention to play a loaned player before the match commences.

Clubs are able to deal amongst themselves and organise the loan without listing on the website, however the league must be notified as per above.

The league will accept verbal requests from clubs for loan deals and/or via e-mail, however this must be carried out by a senior club official.

It is fully expected that clubs use the loan option in the correct and proper manner, within the spirit of cricket.

Please remember, loan deals must be completed before 11am on the day of the match and must be within the spirit of cricket.