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Mr Mick Witty

4 Ings Lane, Staxton





Staxton C.C. first formed playing in Three Nooks field. 1846

Due to change of ownership use of field was lost, move 1912

to second field on right down Staxton Carr Lane.

Proving very wet cricket moved to second field on right 1919  of Wains Lane (site of Lowfields estate).

A field South-West of Grange Farm, Willerby, owned by  1920

Mr Walter Dawson was offered and used until 1939.

Joined Derwent Valley League   1924

Joined Beckett League 1937

Rejoined Beckett League after 2nd World War, previous 1951   applications having been blocked due to lack of facilities.

Reformed 2nd team playing in Derwent Valley League but 1952   disbanded towards the end of that decade due to lack of talent  1st X1 having been relegated to Division ‘C’ had a terrible 1967  season, never once fielding a full team on a Saturday.   Division ‘C’ champions 1971

Division ‘B’ champions 1972

Clubhouse was built, extended 1995 and again 2005. 1986  Scorebox was built  1996.

Sightscreens fabricated 1997

League Champions  1979, 1984, 1991, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014   

Cayley Cup Div ’A’ Winners                              1977, 1979, 1982, 1992, 2002,  2006,  2007, 2008, 2014

Cayley Cup Div ‘B’ Winners 1966, 1976

Cayley Cup Div ‘C’ Winners 1967, 1970

2nd X1 Members of League 1979

2nd X1 Promoted from Derwent Valley League 2001

Division ‘D’ Champions 2001

Division ‘C’ previously Div ‘D’ Champions 2008

Division ‘B’ Champions 2015

Cayley Cup Div ’C’ Winners (Div ‘B’) 2004, 2010


Staxton  C.C. was formed in 1846, playing in the Three Nooks field, adjacent to the A.64 and B1249 Staxton Hill road. The first pitch was professionally laid during Spring 1848, paid for by Albert Dennison, later to become Lord Londesborough, principally for the use of Mr Dennison and his friends but he in fact encouraged local tradesmen and apprentice’s to play. In 1865, teams of Gentlemen from Nottingham, Lincoln and Leicestershire were regular visitors, wickets pitched at 11-30am, stumps drawn at 7-30pm. Cricket continued to be played (see dates of interest) until 1939, the outbreak of 2nd World War other than for a break during the 1st World War after which the Club was reformed following the AGM held on 4th February 1921 recording a balance of £18-1-6d.

Towards the end of the 2nd World War cricket was played in Ted Flinton’s field, South of the A.64 at the East end of the village, featuring matches between nearby villages and teams from the armed services. After the war cricket returned to Willerby Grange a wooden hut (ex R.A.F. dormitory) being purchased to use as a pavilion for £300. Members were asked to loan £10 each (equivalent to 2 weeks wages), repayable in 18 months, with interest.

The present ground was purchased in 1972 and extended during 1992. The first match 25th April 1975 resulted in a win against Bubwith in the Village Knockout.

Over the years the National Village Competition has created much interest, matches in area finals being a highlight. July 1988 Meigle from Scotland were beaten at Staxton but in the next round Harome proved worthy winners. Revenge was gained during 1995 , Harome batting first 242 - 7; in reply 13-3 not convincing but Mick Witty 49 and Dave Graham 131 off 84 balls ensured victory by 3 wickets with 2 balls remaining.

Freuchie, in Scotland, put paid to further progress.

The popular Staxton 6-a-side competition, held annually on the 1st Sunday of August since 1986 is dedicated to the memory of former player Chris Bagnall.