Readers Scarborough Beckett Cricket League
Founded 1911

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Affiliated to ECB/YCB
Member of North Yorkshire(East) Area Cricket Council


Scarborough & District Umpires & Scorers Association

Participating Umpires 2017

002 Eric Comery

003 Keith Local (Secretary)

007 Chris Brown

008 John Mancrief

009 Simon Dobson

011 Howard Mudd

017 Colin Gates

019 Bernard Goulding (Training Officer)

024 Simon Wright

032 John Fewster

038 Ken Foster

047 Graham Griffiths

048 Martin North

055 Stephen Dodds

057 Malcolm Lloyd

060 Stuart Barker

062 Tony Graves

070 Grant Inkpin (Treasurer)

072 Ian Mills

079 Mike Hutchinson

084 Colin Palmer (Chairman)

088 Michael O’Brien

118 Ian Oliver

121 John Wilson

124 Mark Nettleton

126 David Sell

Training Officer

Bernard Goulding

Umpires Tutoring is to be held on two Sundays in February 2018 with Stage One being on Sunday 18th February 2018 from 9,30pm to approx. 4pm and Stage Two on Sunday 25th February 2018 (Same times to first Sunday) both in Scarborough Cricket Clubs Pavilion Building. The cost of the tutoring for both days is £40 which includes a full years membership of the ECB ACO which is required for umpires to officiate on the Beckett league Panel. Candidates need to book and pay on line through the link shown below in Rob Smiths email and any candidates attending these two tutoring sessions will later need to be accredited after attending the two stages to be able to officiate on the Beckett League Panel. (This will be a few weeks later probably in mid March and there is an additional charge for this examination to gain accreditation) Once a candidate has qualified he will need to have a DBR check which is also to be done online and once doing a seasons umpiring on the Scarborough Umpires Panel in the Beckett League the £40 fee will be paid back to any new umpire by the Scarborough Umpires and Scorers Association. (Membership of this Association is just £5 a year)

Please ensure that the clubs candidates know they have to book separately for Stage 1 and separately for Stage 2 on the two links as Rob Smith has indicated below.

On the two Sundays - 16th and 25th February coffee and tea will be provided on arrival and a buffet lunch will be provided. Rob Smith will be doing the training and I will be helping to eventually being able to run the Stage 1 and Stage 2 tutoring in future in the Scarborough Area. It does seem to be quite complicated but booking on line is easy and having attended a tutoring session the Stage 1 and Stage 2 are really quite easy (especially for anyone with a bit of knowledge about cricket), they are also interactive and fun.

I hope this is all clear, any problems give me a call.

Stage One

Stage Two



Secretary Keith Local